Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How To Earn Money From SFI

Anybody can earn money from SFI. With a little effort and determination to succeed anybody can earn good income from SFI.

Thousands of people already earning through SFI working a few hours per week from home.

1. What Is SFI?

Answer : Sfi is an online company which lets its affiliate to earn money from home by promoting its various products.

2. Do I need to pay to join their affiliate programme?

Answer : No. SFI is completely Free To Join. You Need not Pay any money to become their affiliate.

3. What Is The Full Form Of SFI?

Answer : SFI Stands for Strong Future International.

4. Where Is this company Located?

Answer : This Company is Located In The United States Of America.

5. I am Not a US Citizen, Can I join This Affiliate Programme?

Answer : Yes, Anybody From any country join their affiliate programme to make money.

6. Do they support their affiliates?

Answer : Yes They provide their affiliates with superior personal support,

They even provide their affiliates with a free website to help their affiliates to promote their online business.

7. When Does Sfi Pays Its Affiliates.

Answer : Sfi Pays its affiliates every month.

8. What is Their payment method?

answer : Sfi pays its affiliates via paypal, check and online money transfer.